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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weapon loadouts

These are my Recommended weapons loadout lists.

LVL2 loadout-for when you found a gun store

Rules to choosing stuff from a gun store-
1.okay you have just found a gun store, chances are it's already been pillaged of almost everything so don't expect salvation when you see one.
2.don't try picking up everything! if you just throw away your melee weapons for guns than your gonna screw your self over! and don't try shoving guns in your pockets or bags, having too many will only slow you down and make you a target to other survivors.
3.choose a weapon that suits you, not something that just looks cool. choose for success!
4.If there is a silencer than take it! having a quiet gun never hurt.
5. surplus of ammo? take as much as you can! unlike guns, ammo is easily carried and is portable and easy to hide.having rounds for guns you don't have is also useful.

LVL2 loadout-

1.Basic 9mm pistol- the average 9mm pistol such as the Glock or M9 or P99 are very useful in any type of situation. most gun stores would usually carry these weapons and would also have much 9mm ammunition in stock for these guns so finding ammo shouldn't be too hard.9mm pistols are also easy to conceal and carry around. daily maintenance is required for guns and usually require some skill to operate them, then  again what's so difficult about "point" and "shoot". This weapon is not recommended as a primary zombie killing weapon due to the fact that ammo would be scarce and the sound of a gun shot would alert unwanted attention from zombie and survivors alike.

2.Combat knife- a stronger version of the average kitchen knife, the combat knife is must need for the daily survivor. combat knives are found in almost every store that deals with hunting or sports. a combat knife is a powerful upgraded version of the kitchen knife meaning it could do everything a kitchen knife could do and more. This weapon doesn't require any skill what so ever and could be used by anyone. little maintenance is required.

3.Hunting rifle- Hunting rifles should be found in all gun stores and sometimes even in Walmarts. hunting rifles are long barreled guns that expel bullets with higher penetrating force and power than normal 9mm guns. hunting rifles also have more ammo variety and higher accuracy. rifles could also be modded easily with scopes or flashlights. the down side of hunting rifles is the loud sound it creates when fired and the fact that it'd need lots of daily maintenance to keep it in tip top shape. the hunting rifle is the recommended primary of the gun loadout list due to the fact that it could take out threats from long distances and is easy to operate.

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