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Thursday, June 30, 2011

No to Necrophilia

Imagine this, it's during a zombie take over and you managed to kill a very hot zombie with very little damage to the body, and it's been weeks since you've seen a uninfected person, what are you going to do?

A. Dispose of the body
B.Have some "fun" with the body
C.just leave it there

If you choose "A" than you've chosen the correct answer. the last thing you want to do with a zombie is F it. Why? well unless you want to become a zombie your self than don't do it. just get rid of the body. the reason why you'd become a zombie after having your way with it, is because the zombie infection/disease is spread through fluids much like Aids or Hiv just a few hundred times more deadlier. this fact is also a warning to wear gloves or protective clothing when handling the dead body, because you never know if you have a small cut or sore on your hands or arms that could be a door to infectious body fluids.

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