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Friday, September 30, 2011

Keep your spirits high

During a Zombie takeover, keeping your spirits and the spirits of your team up should be one of your main priorities.Why? well obviously no one wants a suicidal soldier. to prevent a team member or your self from going mad with depression, practice a few of the things on the list.

1. chat with each other (even if you don't like each other, it's best to know your team and understand each of your dislikes and likes. chatting will boost moral and possibly spark new ideas or plans.)

2.learn some manners (okay, it's the zombie apacoplypse and theres blood and guts everywhere, but that doesnt mean that you should become a asshole, be nice to fellow team members or survivors. )

3.exercise daily (okay, most people don't think exercise would boost your moral but actually having a fit body during any type of disastier would boost your moral greatly, nothing is more harmful to your body and spirit then not being able to run around or climb a simple wall.)

4.name your weapon ( as wired as this sounds, naming your weapon is not a bad idea when your surrounded by the dead. if your alone then name your weapon and hone your skills with it. you'll gain a better understanding of it and you'll never truly be lonely.)

5.read a book (reading a good book will prevent you from feeling alone, also depending on the book you might learn something new.)

6.sing (okay it's a few weeks into the zombie apacoplypse, all power is gone and your IPOD is dead, what do you do? well just start singing! by singing you'll increase your moral but make sure to only sing when your truly alone. make sure your safe house is sound proof and that no zombies are around. you don't want to alert more of the undead.)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Zombie Survival Tip #31

Be sure to stretch whenever you get the chance, nothing is worse than killing the undead and BAM! you pull a hamstring and you're done for

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cars during the Apocalypse

During a zombie Apocalypse a lot of travel is required, whether it is by foot or by bike or car, moving around is required. so what type of transportation should you use? well first the location is a big factor in deciding if your gonna be able to use some types of vehicles or not. other factors include sound or level of difficulty to repair.

The rules on deciding to use a car.-
you should only use a car if the roads aren't blocked, when i say blocked i mean by other vehicles. if the roads are polluted with piled up or abandoned cars than i advise not using one, because cars make sound and should attract the attention of random zombies and if your blocked by a crowded street with a horde behind you than your screwed. So when should you use a car? you should only use a car when the roads that you know and are going to use often are car free and with little to nothing to stop you.

extra on cars- abandoned cars are a double edged sword, the bad about having a group of abandoned cars is that you won't be able to use your own car and that travel will be a bit more difficult because larger groups of zombies would be there due to the fact that many of the drivers would've turned into zombies. the good thing about abandoned cars is the fact that they will most likely have gas if they are found in a group. the reason for this is because, if the cars were found blocking a intersection than chances are the driver left the car to run and that gas should still be in the tank. just learn how to siphon the gas out of the tank. in any type of apocalyptic situation gas is a must and is a good trading item.

The best form of transportation-
 The bicycle is the best form of transportation during a zombie apocalypse because it's quiet, uses man power, easy to maintain. if you don't have a bike than i would say the second best way of moving around quick is with roller blades. roller blades may seem like a wired way of getting around but it's fast, easy to learn, very easy to repair and maintain and it'd keep you in shape. also roller blades unlike bikes are easy to carry around. meaning your still able to climb ladders or things and still have a way to quickly escape.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Zombie Survival Tip #30

When trying to defend a two story house remember to board up the windows, and when it comes down to it, retreat to the second floor and destroy the stairs

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zombie Survival Tip #28

Use what you can, don't try swinging around a sledgehammer when you have trouble picking it up. You'll waste stamina, possibly pull a muscle, hurt your friends by accident, or be killed

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Blade Doesn't Need Reloading: Top Rated Melee Weapons For Your Post-Apocalyptic Survival Enjoyment

It's been a week since the outbreak first started, blackouts occur regularly, roving hordes roam the streets and sometimes the countrysides. Miraculously you've survived this far with your wits, and a 9mm Beretta by your side.You're low on ammo, low on food, and have been trapped in a barn by a wandering horde. Only 3 shots remain as the horde descends you look back on when it all began, where it was thought better to go to the gun store than look for a proper melee weapon. Sadly, all that was found was your pistol and a limited supply of ammo. Regret comes to mind at what you could have done, you take down two of the undead monsters with clean precision, with one last shot you raise the gun to your head, and pull the trigger.

Now only imagine how much better things could have gone if you had decided to grab a melee weapon along the way instead of always scrambling to find ammo for a pistol. Instead of being trapped in a corner by the undead horde, you could have survived another day. So be smart, grab a blade, a bludgeon, anything that can smash through a zombie skull or slice through the brain. For everyone's benefit a list has been compiled that is meant to recommend the best melee weapons to get the job done and why they're the best.
  • Starting out we have the common machete, a versatile tool that can be used to chop, slash, and decapitate. Easy and simple to use without much training though safety must be kept in mind. Not the best tool for continuous zombie killing as it will need almost constant maintenance and sharpening after each use.
  • Next up we have the hammer, useful for smashing, nailing, and building. When it comes to fortifications and survival the hammer is an essential tool. Comes in many varieties from the ball peen light-weight and deadly, to the sledge hammer strong and durable. Not much maintenance would be required unless the handle of the hammer will need repairs. A shorter range though puts the user in more danger than other weapons with a longer reach.
  • After, we have an old firehouse favorite the ax, useful for decapitating and chopping for survival and building. Unless you can chop wood with your mind the ax will be essential. Comes in many varieties from the one handed camping ax, to the heavy double bladed ax. May not require as much sharpening after every use but will require cleaning and maintenance.
  • Up next a favorite from the Half-Life series, the crowbar, a solid metal bar curved at one end, useful for prying open doors, hammering, and smashing in skulls. Useful if you've got the strength and wit to be careful, no real maintenance required and no training either so can be used in a pinch
  • Unless you live next to a store that sells classic weapons, you may not encounter some of my favorites, the Japanese katana, the medieval longsword, the viking war axe, and the Spartan spear. Though these may not be common retail items, when it comes down to the best of the best melee weapons to have, these weapons will get the job done. While the ancient Spartans and the aforementioned 'spear' may not be specific, any spear or javelin is potentially useful as it provides a longer distance between you and the undead. If you do happen upon such a tool, be sure to also have a close range weapon for any zombies that get past you field of death, I recommend the katana or the war axe as both can be used in short range, though the katana is a blade that requires a certain amount of skill to be potentially deadly with, and to well not cut off your own arm by accident. It's always good to be prepared, so get yourself a melee weapon today just in case. Remember that most sites sell these weapons, but they are for display and are not battle ready. Sites that do sell such weapons are coldsteel.com and any others, well I don't know of them right now.
So remember, it's not always smart to go for the gun-wielding bad ass, because once you're out of ammo, all you've got is a hunk of metal. A potential melee weapon yes, but do the smart thing, get a real weapon before you're forced into a corner. Be ready and stay strong my friends

    Thursday, June 30, 2011

    No to Necrophilia

    Imagine this, it's during a zombie take over and you managed to kill a very hot zombie with very little damage to the body, and it's been weeks since you've seen a uninfected person, what are you going to do?

    A. Dispose of the body
    B.Have some "fun" with the body
    C.just leave it there

    If you choose "A" than you've chosen the correct answer. the last thing you want to do with a zombie is F it. Why? well unless you want to become a zombie your self than don't do it. just get rid of the body. the reason why you'd become a zombie after having your way with it, is because the zombie infection/disease is spread through fluids much like Aids or Hiv just a few hundred times more deadlier. this fact is also a warning to wear gloves or protective clothing when handling the dead body, because you never know if you have a small cut or sore on your hands or arms that could be a door to infectious body fluids.

    Tuesday, June 28, 2011

    Zombie Survival Tip #26

    As you search out an area, wait and listen, the slightest sound could be a trigger happy survivor or a single zombie that could bring others to you

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    Zombie Survival Tip #25

    When searching for weapons beware display items, they may seem useful but they will break after little use and possibly when you need them most

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    Electricity during the zombie take over?

    Sadly during the Zombie Apocalypse there will only be power during the first few weeks depending on how fast the virus is spreading. if you really don't know the reason why, it's because there would be no one to operate or maintain electrical power plants. so say goodbye to your precious tv or videogames during the zombie takeover. Even though you might not have any power, it is best to keep a battery or hand cranked radio in your camp. Why? well some other survivors might also have radios or there might be a broadcast from the government or other survivors.

    We're Oscar Mike

    In any situation where you and a group of survivors are doing just that, surviving, it is vital to have some kind of code system worked out. As in the title, Oscar Mike meanings "On the Move" in military lingo while Tango Down means "Target Down". While using the exact same signals and codes isn't necessary, it is definitely easier than coming up with an entirely different system. Knowing the codes and signals is one thing, the question is, does your team know them by heart? Can they execute and follow these signals like pros? I stress the importance of this because it only takes one person who doesn't know the codes or signals well enough to mess up and get everyone killed. The most recognized would be the phonetic alphabet for the military, where a different word is used for each letter as a universal signal. They go as follows: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliett, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-Ray, Yankee, and Zulu. During times where silence may be required hand signals will be brought into play, this is where each team would use their own system of commands or simply use the system established by the SWAT team of the USA, GSG 9 of Germany, or the hand signals of military corps. Thinking you know them is not enough, you must know each and every single deigned by your team by heart to survive. Depending on availability the ZSC may devise our own set of codes and signals but for now me and my team are using basic army and swat team codes/ signals. This is survival, be prepared, know the signals, and stay strong my friends

    Zombie Survival Tip #24

    It's always good to carry a primary or main weapon, and a secondary or back-up weapon. For example basic load-outs would consist of: Hunting rifle, and pistol. Pistol and knife or other melee weapon. Automatic carbine or assault rifle, and a pistol or melee weapon. In any situation though a melee weapon can be always useful to defend against the undead.

    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    Heavy weapons loadouts

    These are my Recommended weapons loadout lists.

    LVL3 loadout-when you hit the jack pot

    This heavy weapons loadout is for the moment you find the mother load of weapons such as a military weapons cache or a really well equipped gun store
    same gun rules from previous article apply for this loadout.

    LVL3 loadout

    1.Assault rifle or carbine- anything that you can shoot semi is really good. assault rifles such as the M4 S-Systems  which shoot 5.56 NATO rounds or AK System which shoots an 7.62x39mm bullet, both have really good penetrating power which is a plus if your going against armored zombies or armored survivors. these guns are also fairly accurate and easy to use once you get the hang of it. daily cleaning and maintenance is required for assault rifles. An assault rifle should be your primary weapon if found and if you have the necessary rounds.

    2.Small Hatchet or Combat Knife- The small hatchet is a versatile weapon with many uses in building up defenses or destroying things. the hatchet is also as good one arm weapon for breaking open skulls or a doors. combat knife is explained in previous article.

    3.Pistol 9mm- explained in previous article

    4.Grenade- this is a must have weapon if you are in a fortified position or is surrounded by zombies. best to keep multiple. always throw two at a time though due to the fact that you want to make sure you kill the zombie instead of making it a crawler. not recommended for the average survivor

    Weapon loadouts

    These are my Recommended weapons loadout lists.

    LVL2 loadout-for when you found a gun store

    Rules to choosing stuff from a gun store-
    1.okay you have just found a gun store, chances are it's already been pillaged of almost everything so don't expect salvation when you see one.
    2.don't try picking up everything! if you just throw away your melee weapons for guns than your gonna screw your self over! and don't try shoving guns in your pockets or bags, having too many will only slow you down and make you a target to other survivors.
    3.choose a weapon that suits you, not something that just looks cool. choose for success!
    4.If there is a silencer than take it! having a quiet gun never hurt.
    5. surplus of ammo? take as much as you can! unlike guns, ammo is easily carried and is portable and easy to hide.having rounds for guns you don't have is also useful.

    LVL2 loadout-

    1.Basic 9mm pistol- the average 9mm pistol such as the Glock or M9 or P99 are very useful in any type of situation. most gun stores would usually carry these weapons and would also have much 9mm ammunition in stock for these guns so finding ammo shouldn't be too hard.9mm pistols are also easy to conceal and carry around. daily maintenance is required for guns and usually require some skill to operate them, then  again what's so difficult about "point" and "shoot". This weapon is not recommended as a primary zombie killing weapon due to the fact that ammo would be scarce and the sound of a gun shot would alert unwanted attention from zombie and survivors alike.

    2.Combat knife- a stronger version of the average kitchen knife, the combat knife is must need for the daily survivor. combat knives are found in almost every store that deals with hunting or sports. a combat knife is a powerful upgraded version of the kitchen knife meaning it could do everything a kitchen knife could do and more. This weapon doesn't require any skill what so ever and could be used by anyone. little maintenance is required.

    3.Hunting rifle- Hunting rifles should be found in all gun stores and sometimes even in Walmarts. hunting rifles are long barreled guns that expel bullets with higher penetrating force and power than normal 9mm guns. hunting rifles also have more ammo variety and higher accuracy. rifles could also be modded easily with scopes or flashlights. the down side of hunting rifles is the loud sound it creates when fired and the fact that it'd need lots of daily maintenance to keep it in tip top shape. the hunting rifle is the recommended primary of the gun loadout list due to the fact that it could take out threats from long distances and is easy to operate.

    Everyday Weapon loadouts

    These are my Recommended weapons loadout lists.

    LVL1 loadout-for when you only have tools and basic house supplies

    1.Kitchen knife- the kitchen knife is a weapon with many uses. the sharp edge and point allows for easy decapitation and stabbing attacks to the head. Also as a plus, the average stainless steel knife is also very easy to clean and take care of, it also won't break any time soon. it's also a weapon that anyone can use!

    2.Hammer- the hammer is the perfect skull crushing weapon. also with the additional ability to do multiple things such as repair fortifications or other tools, the hammer is a blunt zombie killing weapon. the light build of a normal hammer allows you to just swing it around and still cause damage. but this weapon is usually a one time weapon due to the fact that some people might get it stuck in the zombies head. to fully have the ability to use the hammer as your primary melee weapon, some training is required.

    3.Base ball bat- the classic zombie slayer weapon. often seen in video games or movies as a deadly weapon that could smash skulls in one hit, the average base ball bat can cause serious amounts of damage to bones. the base ball bat only has a few other uses besides killing people and playing ball. and also the base ball bat wouldn't last for long if under constant use. little to no skill is required to use a base ball bat as a primary zombie killing weapon.

    4.Switch blade- a smaller knife is always necessary for a survivor. a switch blade is a useful tool for stabbing repeatedly or cutting random things such as rope or your wrist if you can't handle the zombies.the average switch blade is a item carried around by most people and shouldn't be hard to find or repair. multiple switch blades are recommended due to the fact that they could easily break or be lost/dropped. this is a weapon that any one could use but is not recommended to be your primary zombie killing weapon due to the fact that you'd have to get really up close and personal to kill one zombie.

    Zombie Survival Tip #23

    The moans and groans of the undead could drive you insane, while just a theory remember to have ear plugs for everyone just in case but always be alert

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011


    During any type of apocalypse or Armageddon  whether it'd be natural or due to human error, it is very important to stay fit. Being fit allows you to survive and fight back, that's why daily training is necessary. Training the body daily is a vary important thing you should do during any type of situation. Training allows you to gain new skills or abilities that you never had before such as better experience in martial arts or flexibility or stamina. Training daily also keeps you from being lazy or useless to your group, training also improves self confidence and moral. That is why i believe that daily training is needed for the average survivor.

    Be Ready

    The zombie apocalypse can happen any day so be ready. Think of what you'll need, not just to defend yourself but to survive in a different and more dangerous world. Items include fresh water, medicine, food, clothes, cooking supplies, camping materials, and any other items that could prove to aid in survival. So be sure to stock up on supplies. If you're not sure what you do need though, go to your nearest Ranger's Surplus for a 'Zombie Survival Pack' which contains all the supplies you will need. Otherwise please check out the list below:
    • Water, Three quarts per day, for cooking and washing
    • Hand pumped water filter
    • Four replacement filters
    • Cistern for collecting rainwater
    • Iodine and/or purification tablets
    • Canned food, three cans per day (preferable to dried goods in that they contain some water)
    • Two portable electric stoves
    • Advanced medical kit (must include field-surgery implements and antibiotics)
    • Bicycle-powered electric generator
    • Gasoline generator (to be used only in emergencies)
    • Twenty gallons of gasoline
    • Rechargeable, battery-powered shortwave radio
    • Two battery-powered flashlights
    • Two rechargeable, battery-powered electric lamps
    • Two rechargeable, battery-powered and/or solar-powered radios
    • Appropriate reinforcement materials, including lumber, bricks, mortar, etc.
    • Extensive tool kit, including sledgehammer, ax, handsaw, etc.
    • Lime and/or bleaching powder in sufficient supply to maintain latrine
    • One high-powered telescope (80X-100X), with spare lenses and cleaning equipment
    • Fifteen emergency flares
    • Thirty-five chemical light sticks 
    • Five fire extinguishers
    • Two sets of earplugs (or more depending on amount of people)
    • Spare parts for all aforementioned machinery and user's manuals
    • Extensive library of manuals, including a general disaster manual
    Important to note is the fact that these supplies should be sufficient for one or two people, if more people are in the group it is essential to multiply to be able to accommodate. As for weapons these are advised:
    • Rifle, 500 rounds
    • Shotgun, twelve-gauge, 250 shells
    • Pistol, .45 caliber, 250 rounds
    • Silencer (rifle)
    • Silencer (pistol)
    • Heavy crossbow (if you have no silencers), 150 bolts
    • Telescopic sight (rifle)
    • Night-vision scope (rifle)
    • Laser sight (pistol)
    • Katana sword
    • Wakizashi or other short-bladed sword
    • Two knifes with smooth, six to eight inch blades
    • Hand hatchet
    Once again this list applies to individuals and if there are more people than the numbers should be multiplied. These are only suggestions and what is most likely the best. This info was extracted by The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. I am not in any way saying that I thought of these lists, though I already knew of most items. Remember to be ready and stay strong my friends

      Sunday, June 19, 2011

      Zombie Survival Tip #22

      Stay with the group, wandering can lead not only to your death, but the death of your friends

      Friday, June 17, 2011

      Zombie Survival Tip #21

      Zombies may be slow but they will never stop, it is better to travel light than to be weighed down by weapons

      Thursday, June 16, 2011

      Zombie Survival Tip #20

      Remember to improvise, everything can be a weapon and everything can be useful

      Zombie Survival Tip #19

      Any armor is useful, while the level of usefulness varies, having some lacrosse armor is better than nothing

      Zombie Survival Tip #18

      Never eat contaminated flesh no matter how hungry you are, will most likely lead to death and zombification

      Martial arts Vs. Zombies

      Though close quarter combat is not recommended for zombie killing it is still some times necessary and might even come in handy against other survivors. This is about which types of martial arts are the best for a zombie Apocalypse. In my opinion i feel that a combination of  a destructive and quick martial arts is the best, against a zombie you need to be able to dish out strong attacks to disable or kill the zombie. Muay Thai is a good choice for zombie killing, it is a martial arts based on elbow and knee attacks, damage obtained from a Muay Thai user would be devastating, but just like every other close combat encounter chance you may have with a flesh eating zombie the risk for getting bite and infected are high. Another good martial arts that is based on avoiding and dodging attacks such as zombie bites is Wado Ryu Karate, this form of martial arts is based on evasive maneuvers and is primarily practiced to avoid enemy strikes. Even if you do learn any of these martial arts or any other form of martial arts i recommend that you avoid any type of close quarters combat unless you are armed/ armored. Remember, martial arts is a art and a way for self defense not a way to beat people you don't like. 

      Wednesday, June 15, 2011

      Zombie Survival Tip #17

      Sleep lightly, have someone keep watch, or sleep in a tree, as long as the dead can't sneak up on you you'll be fine.

      Zombie Survival Tip #16

      Fire + Zombies = You're screwed

      Zombie Survival Tip #15

      When scavenging, be wary of any food that is not prepackaged or canned, that beef you may be munching on could contain the very virus that caused the original outbreak.

      Zombie Survival Tip # 14

      Remember to clean your weapons, you don't want to be facing down a zombie and your gun jams or your blade is too rusty to do anything

      Zombie Survival Tip #13

      Everyone's looking out for themselves, be careful

      Sunday, June 12, 2011

      interactions with survivors

      During any type of situation there is always going to be people who are hostile to you and your comrades. These people will attack you and kill you for almost anything. A good example of this are people who have survived a natural disaster and fight for supplies, such as in Haiti, after the earth quake local gangs rose up and took control for much needed items and supplies. these gangs had the power to take from smaller groups of survivors because they had weapons such as firearms. These gangs often attacked people who seemed like they lived better than the others or because they seem like they had supplies on hand. That's why during a disaster of any sort you want to make it seem like you have nothing at all. Keep the true amount of supplies you have to your self, never tell anyone. Don't even tell your friends the true amount, in any situation your friends can't always be 100% trusted.  Also keep all of your items hidden away in a secure area that only you know. Any weapons and medical items should be better protected, because during a disaster or apocalypse  they would be the prime goals to any survivor

      Thursday, June 9, 2011

      Melee Vs. Distance weapons

      Melee weapons- Axes,knives,hammers,pipes, ect.

      easy maintinance
      anyone can use

      higher chance of being bitten
      requires some sort of skill
      short distance
      requires stamina

      Distance weapons-guns,bows, cannons, ect.

      distance kills
      high damage
      some are easily concealable
      smaller chance of being bitten from a distance

      require skill to operate weapon
      lots of maintiance
      attracts attention
      requires ammunition

      So which one do you choose?
       Well in a Zombie survival situation it is best to carry both types of weapons. the best load out for a zombie survivor is; knife,hammer,pistol with 3 mags. this lightweight loadout allows a basic survivor to run around quickly and still kill zombies. the knife and hammer are multipurpose and could be used for many things from severing a zombie's head to chopping up a fine bowl of salad. the pistol is more of an deturrent from other survivors than being a zombie slaying weapon. having a pistol would scare away most unequiped survivors due to the fact that it'd hurt like hell to get shot and that they;d proably lose their life. using a pistol during a zombie take over is not recomened because it would attract more zombies due to the sound of the gun shot.

      Wednesday, June 8, 2011

      Garden for the zombie apocalypse?

      No this is not plants vs. zombies. The point is, there's not always going to be food around to scavenge. Skills that we may take for granted today like gardening, firemaking, and yes even knitting, can be vital to survival in the future. Now I'm not saying jump up and learn these skills and be a master, if you want to that's fine, but mostly its best to learn a wide range of skills. If you and your friends have already learned some of these skills, and everyone is willing to be cooperative. Then it would be a good idea to assign each person to be responsible for a certain skill. That way in each collective group, there is the person who can make clothes, food, etc. But, it is extremely important that each person still has a basic knowledge of all of these skills, that way in case the unfortunate happens to the main provider of said goods, the group can provide for itself. It is also important to teach each other what you do know, what you can make, and what you can do. This way we share our knowledge and can better survive the zombie apocalypse. And yes gardening may save your life one day. Stay strong my friends

      Zombie Survival Tip #12

      When it comes down to it your last resort may be your wits and your own two hands. Don't back down, fight to the death, and if possible take as many zombies down as you can

      Monday, June 6, 2011


      During a zombie invasion or any type of disater; natural or man made, don't let fear get to your head. If you flinch, you can die. During any type of situation where your life is on the line don't hesitate. If you hesitate for even one second you can lose your life or suffer a injury that would hinder you in the near future.

      Sunday, June 5, 2011

      Zombie Survival Tip #11

      It's kill or be killed out there, don't let sympathy for the dead prevent you from putting them to rest

      Friday, June 3, 2011

      Can a zombie hear?

      Contrary to what most people think, it's not entirely certain if zombies can hear sound and react to it. While most people think this is a given, other sources give theories that instead of hearing like we do, instead zombies have a sixth sense where when they detect nearby humans they zone in never lose the target. While this is still a theory it does raise some other questions, if zombies don't hear hear like we do. Do they see and smell like we do? Some people believe that zombies have a super sense of smell that leads them to their next victim. While with a zombies sight it is also uncertain whether they see as we do, or if they even see at all. Through trial and error we can only hope to learn and succeed. Stay strong my friends, any other info is welcome!

      Zombie Survival Tip #10

      Always be prepared, know where the weapons are in your house. Where you fallback point is, and what your plan is. The only thing between a zombie and you dead, is you!

      Thursday, June 2, 2011

      Aim for the Head!

      A very important rule of zombie killing is "don't engage close quaters hand to hand combat with a zombie unless you are trained or armed". even if you are trained the risk are still high for a random bite. If you do get in a situation where hand to hand combat is necessary then AIM FOR THE HEAD! The average human head takes 1250PSI to crack (pounds per square inch) so it'd be a good idea to have a weapon. don't over estimate your self! cracking a human skull is harder than you think bare handed, unless you can crack a coconut with your bare hands then you wouldn't be able to crack a skull empty handed.

      Wednesday, June 1, 2011

      Zombie Survival Tip #9

      When in doubt, double tap. Warning: Be sure that there is enough ammo for such a display of efficiency and cockiness, otherwise, make every shot count!

      Tuesday, May 31, 2011

      MP40 Airsoft gun review up and ready


      Recruitment Bulletin

      To everyone out there, it doesn't matter if you're not the strongest, fastest, or best. All are needed, all are useful. While some people will have skills that we need, they may lack in skills that are also vital. So to any doubters out there, believe in yourself like we believe in you. We all have the potential to survive, we just need to work together, to know our weaknesses, and to better ourselves for the coming threat. So please, join our ranks, fight the good fight, and remember stay strong my friends.

      Zombie Survival Tip #8

      Remember to boil all water before drinking

      Monday, May 30, 2011

      Who we are and who we constantly strive to be

      By gun, we guard until the fight is done, by sword, we defend against the zombie horde, by hand, we take back our land. We defend the weak, victory is what we seek. We will not back down, we will not give up, we will survive, we are ZSC.

      Zombie Survival Tip #7

      When searching a house, search in pairs, always have someone watching your back and always watch theirs

      Friday, May 27, 2011

      Coming Soon!

      Updated achievements!
      Video reviews for the M1A1 Thompson Airsoft gun!
      More Survival Tips!
      And part two of: Who do you want to be?
      Also keep an eye out for training methods for each individual class!
      Updated design for the club!
      Any other suggestions? Send me an email!

      Zombie Survival Tip #6

      Trust your team, work together, and smash some heads in

      Thursday, May 26, 2011

      Zombie Survival Tip #5

      When trying to survive, it is not only important to maintain your body, but also your mind.

      Wednesday, May 25, 2011

      Who do you want to be? Classes

      From here on out, as a member of the ZSC you've been granted the responsibilities that we all must carry. You also get the choice of what class you'd like to be in. Or to put it simply, what weapons you'd like to specialize
      in. Each class covers a specific and vital role in defending humanity from the undead. The classes are as follows: Defender, Scout, Sniper, Explosives, Melee, and last but not least the Special Forces. Each class has different ranks depending on achievements and skill. Defenders are the front line, armed with anything they can get their hands on from pistols, to shotguns, to rifles, the Defenders are a vital part of the club. Scouts are the main source of intelligence, light on their feet, armed with light weaponry, and trained to be in and out without attracting any undead Scouts are also vital to our cause. Snipers are long range killers, paired with Scouts makes an excellent team, while the Scout reports back information the Sniper delivers the killing blow. While seemingly defenseless Snipers are trained to use a combat knife and a pistol. Explosives, while dangerous, are important when the situation demands it. Main uses for explosives include heavy demolitions and teaching other classes basic uses of light demo charges. The Melee class is in the front line, back with the Snipers, and defending anyone who needs helps. Determined to fight to the death with their bare hands, a Melee fighter is only someone who can take pain and direct it back at the enemy. Using all melee weapons this fighter serves as the first and last line of defense in any zombie encounter. Last but certainly not least, is the Special Forces. No one can ask to join the Special Forces, they are specially selected from the best of the best of every class to conduct operations meant to ensure the preservation of the human race. Armed to the teeth but survivors to the bone a Special Forces operative is a force to be reckoned with, each operative is trained in the use of every weapon, both ranged, and melee.

      So far those are the classes, choose wisely and training methods will be devised and implemented for each class. If you wish to specialize, email me with your suggestion and we will under go initiation. Good luck to us all and stay strong

      Zombie Survival Tip #4

      Once bitten, there is no cure, except death

      Airsoft gun reviews

      Okay, airsoft gun reviews are going top have to wait a while due to technical difficultys.

      Tuesday, May 24, 2011

      What is a zombie?

      A seemingly simple answer, yet over the years the image of a 'zombie' has changed drastically. From the slow- moving flesh eaters from the recent TV show "The Walking Dead" to the video games such as Call of Duty Nazi Zombies, and Left 4 Dead; where our determined cannibals are able to run, jump, and are a hell of a lot scarier. A 'zombie' though is defined as a reanimated corpse that has no other desire but to rot and eat the flesh of the living. Hopefully, when the ZSC is called to action, we won't have to deal with 'Nike's' or sprinting zombies from Call of Duty Nazi Zombies, or the specialized zombies from Left 4 Dead such as Witches, Tanks, Boomers, Smokers, and Hunters. Though we can hope for the best, it is our duty to prepare for the worst case scenario. And while it may seem crazy to even consider a zombie apocalypse, it was on our most recently proposed 'end of the world day' on May 21st that the CDC posted a report stating that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, what people are advised to do, where to go, and what the CDC is going to do. To find out more check out the link below. http://emergency.cdc.gov/socialmedia/zombies_blog.asp

      Other than the fact that awareness is being spread about a possible zombie apocalypse, that's still not going to be enough. Zombies are determined, rotting corpses who are bent on eating us all alive. Good luck to us all and stay strong

      Zombie Survival Tip #3

      Avoid highly populated areas at all costs. The higher the population of that area, the higher the zombie population will be.

      Saturday, May 21, 2011

      ZSC Charter, Ranks, Classes, and Achievements

      Z.S.C Club Charter Sample
      The Z.S.C or Zombie Survival Committee was first thought of on Friday May 1st 2009. The idea of this “club” was meant as a way for people to survive a zombie outbreak no matter how large.
      It is the job of this club to Act in the event of an outbreak. Meaning that these members will be the first to act, and will have been trained to know what to do in this event.
      It is also our job to find and Protect any human survivors, to preserve the human population.
      The final job is the most important Survive. Meaning that after and only after the first two actions have been taken can and should this action be enacted. In this article the term Survive means that you bunker down and hold out until the outbreak is over. It is obvious that the entire time that the selected person should try to survive but not as mentioned at first in this article.
      Surviving is the last action because if all actions have been taken then this will be all that is left to do until the outbreak is over. Whatever you do, do not try and eliminate all zombies, stay with the survivors and protect them. Attempted Elimination can and will most likely lead to death.
      Before every meeting of the Z.S.C begins two things must occur. For one the President of the club or of that area’s club must be present unless it is an absolute emergency, such as a zombie outbreak has occurred. If the president is not present, the residing Vice president will take responsibility. Second the credo must be spoken by each member either all at once or one by one.
      The credo represents and speaks of the origin and purpose of the Z.S.C
      As a member of the Z.S.C
      I promise to uphold and abide to the rules and procedures that are placed before me.
       In the event of an apocalypse I promise to do my best to Act on what I’ve learned,
       Protect any survivors,
       And no matter what Survive.
      It is through this credo that we the members of the Zombie Survival Committee will always know what to do in the event of an outbreak or in the case that the world is overrun by the undead.
      Ranks: Major and Minor
      In the ZSC there are a total of 15 major ranks, and 6 ranks each for the 6 classes. The Major ranks order from:
      ·        Trainee
      ·        Grunt
      ·        Private
      ·        Private 2nd class
      ·        Private First class
      ·        Corporal
      ·        Sergeant
      ·        Master Sergeant
      ·        Second Lieutenant
      ·        First Lieutenant
      ·        Colonel
      ·        2nd in Command
      ·        Commander
      ·        Commander Commando
      ·        Supreme Leader
      Now while each rank differs in many ways and depending on what rank you have acquired in turn will give you more responsibilities and abilities within the club, they all have the same simple requirements that are based upon this chart
      The four attributes: Strength, Speed, Skill, and Reasoning. Are all the building blocks and requirements of each and every rank. It is only through meeting the requirements of the ranks that each member is allowed to advance.
      Classes and Ranks
      In the ZSC there are a total of 6 ranks, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. These classes are:
      ·        Defender
      ·        Sniper
      ·        Explosives
      ·        Melee
      ·        Scout
      ·        Special Forces (this class is only granted through rigorous training and work, the special forces class has only one of each other class which are granted to the masters of the classes, for example there is one special forces defender and so on. There are no real ranks in the Special forces, for now)

      Now a club wouldn’t be fun if there weren’t milestones to reach, or in this case achievements. Achievements are fun ways for others to want to achieve, by doing so and so you receive this or that. The achievements are many, the tasks rigorous, but the rewards worth it. By completing these achievements points are awarded, which are used to gain levels, ranks, and powers. They are:
      ·        Ninja 1- 10 points, Catch 5 arrows in a row with one hand
      ·        Ninja 2- 80 points, Complete “War Minigame 2” 1st place 3 times
      ·        Ninja 3- 180 points, Take out 3 people in a row in War Minigame 2 in one life, complete 4 times.
      ·        Ultimate Ninja-220 points, Survive sparing for 20 min. with weights
      ·        Engineer- 10 points, build a prop that passes judging
      ·        Work Man- 50 points, build furniture that passes judging
      ·        Techy-60 points, repair a nerf gun
      ·        Kenyan-200 points, run the whole creek under 15 minutes
      ·        Black belt- 60 points, create your own fighting style
      ·        Pizza boy- 300 points, get to the pizza truck first 3 times in a row, “buy a pizza to prove it”
      ·        Medic!- 700 points, help an injured friend 2 times
      ·        Doc! - 300 points, pass the Medic! Achievement 3 times
      ·        Pimp- 1000 points, help a friend get a lover
      ·        Congress Member- 60 points, think of a compromise every one can agree on
      ·        Good Samaritan- 70 points, help out a person in need
      ·        Helpful Hand- 100 points, help someone get something
      ·        Charity- 20 points, give someone something
      ·        Gangsta- 30 points, get 15 loyal friends
      ·        Mobster- 200 points, spend $200 on your friends at one place/ Not your girlfriend
      ·        Secret Admirer- 160 points spend $40 on your crush/ not you’re Gf/Bf your crush!
      ·        Jedi- 50 points, dodge an arrow while facing the other way
      ·        Brother from another Mother- 70 points, take a hit for a member
      ·        Scapegoat- 1000 points, take the blame for your friend
      ·        Packman- 70 points, eat 3 chicken legs within 2 minutes
      ·        Boost- 100 points, help a friend over an obstacle
      ·        Oba Kyu- 200 points, eat 5 bowls of food within 12 minutes without choking
      ·        Luigi- 10 points, Jump down 5 steps of a stairway
      ·        Mario- 60 points, save your Gf from losing money
      ·        Author- 500 points, write a 60 page book
      ·        Over Achiever- 600 points, get 8 achievements
      ·        Spear Master- 100 points, master spear combat
      ·        Staff Master- 100 points, master staff combat
      ·        Sword Master- 100 points, master sword combat
      ·        Hand to Hand Master- 100 points, master a martial art
      ·        Inhuman- 250 points, carry 3 people on your back and run for 30 seconds
      ·        Scuba- 1500 points, hold your breath under water for 3 minutes without dying
      ·        Marine- 300 points, complete War Minigame 30 times
      ·        No Mercy- 250 points, execute 30 people in War Minigame 2
      ·        God of War- 150 points, kill 50 people with melee only in War Minigame 2
      ·        Respect 4 the Dead- 600 points, teabag 8 people with one life in War Minigame 2
      ·        Spartan 1-350 points, kill 8 people with one hit in War Minigame 2, 5 times
      ·        Spartan 2- 1000 points, gain commando and leader rank
      ·        War Cry- 150 points, use bare fists in adrenaline mode and kill 5 people
      ·        Napoleon- 300 points, kill 60 people in War Minigame 1
      ·        Marksman- 60 points, hit 10 center targets with a bb gun
      ·        Zombie Hunter- 100 points, kill 300 zombies in Nazi zombies Der Riese 2 player co-op 
      ·        Backfire- 80 points, kill 3 people before they commit suicide in War Minigame
      ·        Hell Yea!- 1000 points, raise $100 for the club
      ·        Chef- 300 points, make a delicious dish for the club
      ·        Blacksmith- 300 points, create 3 weapons that are “battle ready”

      Zombie Survival Tip #2

      Every shot counts, don't waste it

      Sunday, May 15, 2011

      Zombie Survival Tip #1

      Shoot 'em in the head! Shoot 'em in the head!

      ZSC: Origins Part 2

      Alright so starting out our little club had 2 members. But in the next few weeks, friends were told, and now we have a membership numbering in the double digits XD. Our mission was and always will be to defend those who can't defend themselves against the zombie apocalypse. It may seem silly or stupid, but anything can happen. We just figured that if it does happen, well be ready. Meanwhile though, we work on other survival methods, such as surviving natural disasters, defending yourself, and surviving in the wild. So even without zombies running around we still have a purpose. To those who wish to join the ZSC just send me an email, and me and our other members will discuss it. As more people join we will try and make this a much more interactive club, and later on, we might try and get a website of our own. So for now like I said email me if you wish to join us. By joining us you'll get all the info about our club, including our sample charter, our oath, our ranks, and any other useful stuff that a member would need. If this seems a little amateurish be patient please, as of now the ZSC is an expanding club, because we can't acquire guns we will practice with airsoft guns. I will be posting our ranks, charter, and other info when I get the chance and I hope more people will join. This is a group for friends interested in airsoft, and defending against the zombie apocalypse. Stay safe, and remember if it ain't a headshot, it ain't dead