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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Everyday Weapon loadouts

These are my Recommended weapons loadout lists.

LVL1 loadout-for when you only have tools and basic house supplies

1.Kitchen knife- the kitchen knife is a weapon with many uses. the sharp edge and point allows for easy decapitation and stabbing attacks to the head. Also as a plus, the average stainless steel knife is also very easy to clean and take care of, it also won't break any time soon. it's also a weapon that anyone can use!

2.Hammer- the hammer is the perfect skull crushing weapon. also with the additional ability to do multiple things such as repair fortifications or other tools, the hammer is a blunt zombie killing weapon. the light build of a normal hammer allows you to just swing it around and still cause damage. but this weapon is usually a one time weapon due to the fact that some people might get it stuck in the zombies head. to fully have the ability to use the hammer as your primary melee weapon, some training is required.

3.Base ball bat- the classic zombie slayer weapon. often seen in video games or movies as a deadly weapon that could smash skulls in one hit, the average base ball bat can cause serious amounts of damage to bones. the base ball bat only has a few other uses besides killing people and playing ball. and also the base ball bat wouldn't last for long if under constant use. little to no skill is required to use a base ball bat as a primary zombie killing weapon.

4.Switch blade- a smaller knife is always necessary for a survivor. a switch blade is a useful tool for stabbing repeatedly or cutting random things such as rope or your wrist if you can't handle the zombies.the average switch blade is a item carried around by most people and shouldn't be hard to find or repair. multiple switch blades are recommended due to the fact that they could easily break or be lost/dropped. this is a weapon that any one could use but is not recommended to be your primary zombie killing weapon due to the fact that you'd have to get really up close and personal to kill one zombie.

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