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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MP40 Airsoft gun review up and ready


Recruitment Bulletin

To everyone out there, it doesn't matter if you're not the strongest, fastest, or best. All are needed, all are useful. While some people will have skills that we need, they may lack in skills that are also vital. So to any doubters out there, believe in yourself like we believe in you. We all have the potential to survive, we just need to work together, to know our weaknesses, and to better ourselves for the coming threat. So please, join our ranks, fight the good fight, and remember stay strong my friends.

Zombie Survival Tip #8

Remember to boil all water before drinking

Monday, May 30, 2011

Who we are and who we constantly strive to be

By gun, we guard until the fight is done, by sword, we defend against the zombie horde, by hand, we take back our land. We defend the weak, victory is what we seek. We will not back down, we will not give up, we will survive, we are ZSC.

Zombie Survival Tip #7

When searching a house, search in pairs, always have someone watching your back and always watch theirs

Friday, May 27, 2011

Coming Soon!

Updated achievements!
Video reviews for the M1A1 Thompson Airsoft gun!
More Survival Tips!
And part two of: Who do you want to be?
Also keep an eye out for training methods for each individual class!
Updated design for the club!
Any other suggestions? Send me an email!

Zombie Survival Tip #6

Trust your team, work together, and smash some heads in

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zombie Survival Tip #5

When trying to survive, it is not only important to maintain your body, but also your mind.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who do you want to be? Classes

From here on out, as a member of the ZSC you've been granted the responsibilities that we all must carry. You also get the choice of what class you'd like to be in. Or to put it simply, what weapons you'd like to specialize
in. Each class covers a specific and vital role in defending humanity from the undead. The classes are as follows: Defender, Scout, Sniper, Explosives, Melee, and last but not least the Special Forces. Each class has different ranks depending on achievements and skill. Defenders are the front line, armed with anything they can get their hands on from pistols, to shotguns, to rifles, the Defenders are a vital part of the club. Scouts are the main source of intelligence, light on their feet, armed with light weaponry, and trained to be in and out without attracting any undead Scouts are also vital to our cause. Snipers are long range killers, paired with Scouts makes an excellent team, while the Scout reports back information the Sniper delivers the killing blow. While seemingly defenseless Snipers are trained to use a combat knife and a pistol. Explosives, while dangerous, are important when the situation demands it. Main uses for explosives include heavy demolitions and teaching other classes basic uses of light demo charges. The Melee class is in the front line, back with the Snipers, and defending anyone who needs helps. Determined to fight to the death with their bare hands, a Melee fighter is only someone who can take pain and direct it back at the enemy. Using all melee weapons this fighter serves as the first and last line of defense in any zombie encounter. Last but certainly not least, is the Special Forces. No one can ask to join the Special Forces, they are specially selected from the best of the best of every class to conduct operations meant to ensure the preservation of the human race. Armed to the teeth but survivors to the bone a Special Forces operative is a force to be reckoned with, each operative is trained in the use of every weapon, both ranged, and melee.

So far those are the classes, choose wisely and training methods will be devised and implemented for each class. If you wish to specialize, email me with your suggestion and we will under go initiation. Good luck to us all and stay strong

Zombie Survival Tip #4

Once bitten, there is no cure, except death

Airsoft gun reviews

Okay, airsoft gun reviews are going top have to wait a while due to technical difficultys.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What is a zombie?

A seemingly simple answer, yet over the years the image of a 'zombie' has changed drastically. From the slow- moving flesh eaters from the recent TV show "The Walking Dead" to the video games such as Call of Duty Nazi Zombies, and Left 4 Dead; where our determined cannibals are able to run, jump, and are a hell of a lot scarier. A 'zombie' though is defined as a reanimated corpse that has no other desire but to rot and eat the flesh of the living. Hopefully, when the ZSC is called to action, we won't have to deal with 'Nike's' or sprinting zombies from Call of Duty Nazi Zombies, or the specialized zombies from Left 4 Dead such as Witches, Tanks, Boomers, Smokers, and Hunters. Though we can hope for the best, it is our duty to prepare for the worst case scenario. And while it may seem crazy to even consider a zombie apocalypse, it was on our most recently proposed 'end of the world day' on May 21st that the CDC posted a report stating that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, what people are advised to do, where to go, and what the CDC is going to do. To find out more check out the link below. http://emergency.cdc.gov/socialmedia/zombies_blog.asp

Other than the fact that awareness is being spread about a possible zombie apocalypse, that's still not going to be enough. Zombies are determined, rotting corpses who are bent on eating us all alive. Good luck to us all and stay strong

Zombie Survival Tip #3

Avoid highly populated areas at all costs. The higher the population of that area, the higher the zombie population will be.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

ZSC Charter, Ranks, Classes, and Achievements

Z.S.C Club Charter Sample
The Z.S.C or Zombie Survival Committee was first thought of on Friday May 1st 2009. The idea of this “club” was meant as a way for people to survive a zombie outbreak no matter how large.
It is the job of this club to Act in the event of an outbreak. Meaning that these members will be the first to act, and will have been trained to know what to do in this event.
It is also our job to find and Protect any human survivors, to preserve the human population.
The final job is the most important Survive. Meaning that after and only after the first two actions have been taken can and should this action be enacted. In this article the term Survive means that you bunker down and hold out until the outbreak is over. It is obvious that the entire time that the selected person should try to survive but not as mentioned at first in this article.
Surviving is the last action because if all actions have been taken then this will be all that is left to do until the outbreak is over. Whatever you do, do not try and eliminate all zombies, stay with the survivors and protect them. Attempted Elimination can and will most likely lead to death.
Before every meeting of the Z.S.C begins two things must occur. For one the President of the club or of that area’s club must be present unless it is an absolute emergency, such as a zombie outbreak has occurred. If the president is not present, the residing Vice president will take responsibility. Second the credo must be spoken by each member either all at once or one by one.
The credo represents and speaks of the origin and purpose of the Z.S.C
As a member of the Z.S.C
I promise to uphold and abide to the rules and procedures that are placed before me.
 In the event of an apocalypse I promise to do my best to Act on what I’ve learned,
 Protect any survivors,
 And no matter what Survive.
It is through this credo that we the members of the Zombie Survival Committee will always know what to do in the event of an outbreak or in the case that the world is overrun by the undead.
Ranks: Major and Minor
In the ZSC there are a total of 15 major ranks, and 6 ranks each for the 6 classes. The Major ranks order from:
·        Trainee
·        Grunt
·        Private
·        Private 2nd class
·        Private First class
·        Corporal
·        Sergeant
·        Master Sergeant
·        Second Lieutenant
·        First Lieutenant
·        Colonel
·        2nd in Command
·        Commander
·        Commander Commando
·        Supreme Leader
Now while each rank differs in many ways and depending on what rank you have acquired in turn will give you more responsibilities and abilities within the club, they all have the same simple requirements that are based upon this chart
The four attributes: Strength, Speed, Skill, and Reasoning. Are all the building blocks and requirements of each and every rank. It is only through meeting the requirements of the ranks that each member is allowed to advance.
Classes and Ranks
In the ZSC there are a total of 6 ranks, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. These classes are:
·        Defender
·        Sniper
·        Explosives
·        Melee
·        Scout
·        Special Forces (this class is only granted through rigorous training and work, the special forces class has only one of each other class which are granted to the masters of the classes, for example there is one special forces defender and so on. There are no real ranks in the Special forces, for now)

Now a club wouldn’t be fun if there weren’t milestones to reach, or in this case achievements. Achievements are fun ways for others to want to achieve, by doing so and so you receive this or that. The achievements are many, the tasks rigorous, but the rewards worth it. By completing these achievements points are awarded, which are used to gain levels, ranks, and powers. They are:
·        Ninja 1- 10 points, Catch 5 arrows in a row with one hand
·        Ninja 2- 80 points, Complete “War Minigame 2” 1st place 3 times
·        Ninja 3- 180 points, Take out 3 people in a row in War Minigame 2 in one life, complete 4 times.
·        Ultimate Ninja-220 points, Survive sparing for 20 min. with weights
·        Engineer- 10 points, build a prop that passes judging
·        Work Man- 50 points, build furniture that passes judging
·        Techy-60 points, repair a nerf gun
·        Kenyan-200 points, run the whole creek under 15 minutes
·        Black belt- 60 points, create your own fighting style
·        Pizza boy- 300 points, get to the pizza truck first 3 times in a row, “buy a pizza to prove it”
·        Medic!- 700 points, help an injured friend 2 times
·        Doc! - 300 points, pass the Medic! Achievement 3 times
·        Pimp- 1000 points, help a friend get a lover
·        Congress Member- 60 points, think of a compromise every one can agree on
·        Good Samaritan- 70 points, help out a person in need
·        Helpful Hand- 100 points, help someone get something
·        Charity- 20 points, give someone something
·        Gangsta- 30 points, get 15 loyal friends
·        Mobster- 200 points, spend $200 on your friends at one place/ Not your girlfriend
·        Secret Admirer- 160 points spend $40 on your crush/ not you’re Gf/Bf your crush!
·        Jedi- 50 points, dodge an arrow while facing the other way
·        Brother from another Mother- 70 points, take a hit for a member
·        Scapegoat- 1000 points, take the blame for your friend
·        Packman- 70 points, eat 3 chicken legs within 2 minutes
·        Boost- 100 points, help a friend over an obstacle
·        Oba Kyu- 200 points, eat 5 bowls of food within 12 minutes without choking
·        Luigi- 10 points, Jump down 5 steps of a stairway
·        Mario- 60 points, save your Gf from losing money
·        Author- 500 points, write a 60 page book
·        Over Achiever- 600 points, get 8 achievements
·        Spear Master- 100 points, master spear combat
·        Staff Master- 100 points, master staff combat
·        Sword Master- 100 points, master sword combat
·        Hand to Hand Master- 100 points, master a martial art
·        Inhuman- 250 points, carry 3 people on your back and run for 30 seconds
·        Scuba- 1500 points, hold your breath under water for 3 minutes without dying
·        Marine- 300 points, complete War Minigame 30 times
·        No Mercy- 250 points, execute 30 people in War Minigame 2
·        God of War- 150 points, kill 50 people with melee only in War Minigame 2
·        Respect 4 the Dead- 600 points, teabag 8 people with one life in War Minigame 2
·        Spartan 1-350 points, kill 8 people with one hit in War Minigame 2, 5 times
·        Spartan 2- 1000 points, gain commando and leader rank
·        War Cry- 150 points, use bare fists in adrenaline mode and kill 5 people
·        Napoleon- 300 points, kill 60 people in War Minigame 1
·        Marksman- 60 points, hit 10 center targets with a bb gun
·        Zombie Hunter- 100 points, kill 300 zombies in Nazi zombies Der Riese 2 player co-op 
·        Backfire- 80 points, kill 3 people before they commit suicide in War Minigame
·        Hell Yea!- 1000 points, raise $100 for the club
·        Chef- 300 points, make a delicious dish for the club
·        Blacksmith- 300 points, create 3 weapons that are “battle ready”

Zombie Survival Tip #2

Every shot counts, don't waste it

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zombie Survival Tip #1

Shoot 'em in the head! Shoot 'em in the head!

ZSC: Origins Part 2

Alright so starting out our little club had 2 members. But in the next few weeks, friends were told, and now we have a membership numbering in the double digits XD. Our mission was and always will be to defend those who can't defend themselves against the zombie apocalypse. It may seem silly or stupid, but anything can happen. We just figured that if it does happen, well be ready. Meanwhile though, we work on other survival methods, such as surviving natural disasters, defending yourself, and surviving in the wild. So even without zombies running around we still have a purpose. To those who wish to join the ZSC just send me an email, and me and our other members will discuss it. As more people join we will try and make this a much more interactive club, and later on, we might try and get a website of our own. So for now like I said email me if you wish to join us. By joining us you'll get all the info about our club, including our sample charter, our oath, our ranks, and any other useful stuff that a member would need. If this seems a little amateurish be patient please, as of now the ZSC is an expanding club, because we can't acquire guns we will practice with airsoft guns. I will be posting our ranks, charter, and other info when I get the chance and I hope more people will join. This is a group for friends interested in airsoft, and defending against the zombie apocalypse. Stay safe, and remember if it ain't a headshot, it ain't dead

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Video reviews comming soon

Video reviews of the AGM MP40 and M1A1 Thompson abs gear box version, comming soon within the next two weeks

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tactical Airsoft Arena (rockville) review i rate it 3.5/5

       Tactical Airsoft Arena (TAA) is the only airsoft arena/field in Rockville. Being the only airsoft arena and store within Maryland, i can't really complain much about it. The arena space is small and has walls set up like a maze for CQC matches which was really fun dispite it having lots of corners and camping areas. TAA also includes a shooting range which was kind of a disapointment, the targets are tiny and far and there are BB's all around the floor but that only added to the challenge of hitting the target.  One big problem though is that my friends often complained about the staff. The overseer who watched our games, often yelled at us for blind firing when were weren't and not saying anything when we did. Also the way they treat cousomers weren't so great either. Me and eight others arrived 10 minutes prior to our reservation time and they wouldn't let us inside to even sit. You think that if you paid $400 for a party you'd be treated better, there wasn't even any other coustomers inside. But even though the staff treated us anoyances, we still had a good time. I would definetly go back there for a good CQC match.

CQC games
Good guns for sale and to rent
small playing field and store selection
rude staff

     Playing Fee is 15-20 dollars and retal is another 15-20.

Monday, May 9, 2011

ZSC: Origins!

Hey there :D. Wow odd smiley face there. Anyways as the second official post I'd like to start off by telling the story of our club. Well it all started in Spanish class, me and my friend were bored and were having a picture war. Which is basically where one person draws one thing, then another person draws something else and we decide who wins, and so on. Anyways suddenly I had the idea, "There are all of these zombie games out nowadays, but what is life if we simply sit around and play games about zombies? What if this happened one day? Well to say the least that was the birth of the ZSC, the Zombie Survival Committee, this was the original name me and my friend came up with and to this day it's stuck. Over time we've developed the rules and roles of each member, and a kind of 'club guide' though it's still being worked on. While zombies may not exist, there's always a possibility. But heck, this club is a good way to make friends, have fun, and play airsoft as we've found out. From time to time I'll post the rules and other club material to try and spread the word of the ZSC. Any input would be welcome. And most of all, this club isn't just about zombies, it's most of all about teamwork. See you guys around and remember, each day that goes by brings us closer to the zombie apocalypse. Be ready and God bless (or to other religions or atheists good luck, or your respective gods bless)

Welcome to the ZSC

Welcome to the Z.S.C (zombie survival committee),
The Z.S.C is a recreational airsoft group. And a good place to meet friends.
This Blog is a way to make income for the Z.S.C so that way we'd be able to purchase more airsoft guns.
The Z.S.C will be posting airsoft gun reviews and parkour tutorials and random videos/pictures in the near future so please stay alert XD