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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who do you want to be? Classes

From here on out, as a member of the ZSC you've been granted the responsibilities that we all must carry. You also get the choice of what class you'd like to be in. Or to put it simply, what weapons you'd like to specialize
in. Each class covers a specific and vital role in defending humanity from the undead. The classes are as follows: Defender, Scout, Sniper, Explosives, Melee, and last but not least the Special Forces. Each class has different ranks depending on achievements and skill. Defenders are the front line, armed with anything they can get their hands on from pistols, to shotguns, to rifles, the Defenders are a vital part of the club. Scouts are the main source of intelligence, light on their feet, armed with light weaponry, and trained to be in and out without attracting any undead Scouts are also vital to our cause. Snipers are long range killers, paired with Scouts makes an excellent team, while the Scout reports back information the Sniper delivers the killing blow. While seemingly defenseless Snipers are trained to use a combat knife and a pistol. Explosives, while dangerous, are important when the situation demands it. Main uses for explosives include heavy demolitions and teaching other classes basic uses of light demo charges. The Melee class is in the front line, back with the Snipers, and defending anyone who needs helps. Determined to fight to the death with their bare hands, a Melee fighter is only someone who can take pain and direct it back at the enemy. Using all melee weapons this fighter serves as the first and last line of defense in any zombie encounter. Last but certainly not least, is the Special Forces. No one can ask to join the Special Forces, they are specially selected from the best of the best of every class to conduct operations meant to ensure the preservation of the human race. Armed to the teeth but survivors to the bone a Special Forces operative is a force to be reckoned with, each operative is trained in the use of every weapon, both ranged, and melee.

So far those are the classes, choose wisely and training methods will be devised and implemented for each class. If you wish to specialize, email me with your suggestion and we will under go initiation. Good luck to us all and stay strong

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