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Friday, September 30, 2011

Keep your spirits high

During a Zombie takeover, keeping your spirits and the spirits of your team up should be one of your main priorities.Why? well obviously no one wants a suicidal soldier. to prevent a team member or your self from going mad with depression, practice a few of the things on the list.

1. chat with each other (even if you don't like each other, it's best to know your team and understand each of your dislikes and likes. chatting will boost moral and possibly spark new ideas or plans.)

2.learn some manners (okay, it's the zombie apacoplypse and theres blood and guts everywhere, but that doesnt mean that you should become a asshole, be nice to fellow team members or survivors. )

3.exercise daily (okay, most people don't think exercise would boost your moral but actually having a fit body during any type of disastier would boost your moral greatly, nothing is more harmful to your body and spirit then not being able to run around or climb a simple wall.)

4.name your weapon ( as wired as this sounds, naming your weapon is not a bad idea when your surrounded by the dead. if your alone then name your weapon and hone your skills with it. you'll gain a better understanding of it and you'll never truly be lonely.)

5.read a book (reading a good book will prevent you from feeling alone, also depending on the book you might learn something new.)

6.sing (okay it's a few weeks into the zombie apacoplypse, all power is gone and your IPOD is dead, what do you do? well just start singing! by singing you'll increase your moral but make sure to only sing when your truly alone. make sure your safe house is sound proof and that no zombies are around. you don't want to alert more of the undead.)