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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Be Ready

The zombie apocalypse can happen any day so be ready. Think of what you'll need, not just to defend yourself but to survive in a different and more dangerous world. Items include fresh water, medicine, food, clothes, cooking supplies, camping materials, and any other items that could prove to aid in survival. So be sure to stock up on supplies. If you're not sure what you do need though, go to your nearest Ranger's Surplus for a 'Zombie Survival Pack' which contains all the supplies you will need. Otherwise please check out the list below:
  • Water, Three quarts per day, for cooking and washing
  • Hand pumped water filter
  • Four replacement filters
  • Cistern for collecting rainwater
  • Iodine and/or purification tablets
  • Canned food, three cans per day (preferable to dried goods in that they contain some water)
  • Two portable electric stoves
  • Advanced medical kit (must include field-surgery implements and antibiotics)
  • Bicycle-powered electric generator
  • Gasoline generator (to be used only in emergencies)
  • Twenty gallons of gasoline
  • Rechargeable, battery-powered shortwave radio
  • Two battery-powered flashlights
  • Two rechargeable, battery-powered electric lamps
  • Two rechargeable, battery-powered and/or solar-powered radios
  • Appropriate reinforcement materials, including lumber, bricks, mortar, etc.
  • Extensive tool kit, including sledgehammer, ax, handsaw, etc.
  • Lime and/or bleaching powder in sufficient supply to maintain latrine
  • One high-powered telescope (80X-100X), with spare lenses and cleaning equipment
  • Fifteen emergency flares
  • Thirty-five chemical light sticks 
  • Five fire extinguishers
  • Two sets of earplugs (or more depending on amount of people)
  • Spare parts for all aforementioned machinery and user's manuals
  • Extensive library of manuals, including a general disaster manual
Important to note is the fact that these supplies should be sufficient for one or two people, if more people are in the group it is essential to multiply to be able to accommodate. As for weapons these are advised:
  • Rifle, 500 rounds
  • Shotgun, twelve-gauge, 250 shells
  • Pistol, .45 caliber, 250 rounds
  • Silencer (rifle)
  • Silencer (pistol)
  • Heavy crossbow (if you have no silencers), 150 bolts
  • Telescopic sight (rifle)
  • Night-vision scope (rifle)
  • Laser sight (pistol)
  • Katana sword
  • Wakizashi or other short-bladed sword
  • Two knifes with smooth, six to eight inch blades
  • Hand hatchet
Once again this list applies to individuals and if there are more people than the numbers should be multiplied. These are only suggestions and what is most likely the best. This info was extracted by The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. I am not in any way saying that I thought of these lists, though I already knew of most items. Remember to be ready and stay strong my friends


    1. Could you please tell me where the nearest Night-Vision Scope dealer is? How do I get 20 gallons of gasoline? xD

    2. um Chris, more or half of these items would be unattainable during a apocalypse or in a normal daily life. sorry

    3. Once again this is a SUGGESTION from a BOOK. Geez dude