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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Martial arts Vs. Zombies

Though close quarter combat is not recommended for zombie killing it is still some times necessary and might even come in handy against other survivors. This is about which types of martial arts are the best for a zombie Apocalypse. In my opinion i feel that a combination of  a destructive and quick martial arts is the best, against a zombie you need to be able to dish out strong attacks to disable or kill the zombie. Muay Thai is a good choice for zombie killing, it is a martial arts based on elbow and knee attacks, damage obtained from a Muay Thai user would be devastating, but just like every other close combat encounter chance you may have with a flesh eating zombie the risk for getting bite and infected are high. Another good martial arts that is based on avoiding and dodging attacks such as zombie bites is Wado Ryu Karate, this form of martial arts is based on evasive maneuvers and is primarily practiced to avoid enemy strikes. Even if you do learn any of these martial arts or any other form of martial arts i recommend that you avoid any type of close quarters combat unless you are armed/ armored. Remember, martial arts is a art and a way for self defense not a way to beat people you don't like. 


  1. I think that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, one should avoid touching or even going near the zombies, as they are most likely carrying some sort of disease or virus that caused them to become a "zombie" in the first place.

  2. While that may be true, the virus/disease may not be spread by close contact or even through bites. Either way it is important to be careful, and hope that the virus isn't airborne

  3. jujitsu is also a very good martial arts against zombies, to be able to grab and throw an enemy that's grabbed you is very helpful