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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heavy weapons loadouts

These are my Recommended weapons loadout lists.

LVL3 loadout-when you hit the jack pot

This heavy weapons loadout is for the moment you find the mother load of weapons such as a military weapons cache or a really well equipped gun store
same gun rules from previous article apply for this loadout.

LVL3 loadout

1.Assault rifle or carbine- anything that you can shoot semi is really good. assault rifles such as the M4 S-Systems  which shoot 5.56 NATO rounds or AK System which shoots an 7.62x39mm bullet, both have really good penetrating power which is a plus if your going against armored zombies or armored survivors. these guns are also fairly accurate and easy to use once you get the hang of it. daily cleaning and maintenance is required for assault rifles. An assault rifle should be your primary weapon if found and if you have the necessary rounds.

2.Small Hatchet or Combat Knife- The small hatchet is a versatile weapon with many uses in building up defenses or destroying things. the hatchet is also as good one arm weapon for breaking open skulls or a doors. combat knife is explained in previous article.

3.Pistol 9mm- explained in previous article

4.Grenade- this is a must have weapon if you are in a fortified position or is surrounded by zombies. best to keep multiple. always throw two at a time though due to the fact that you want to make sure you kill the zombie instead of making it a crawler. not recommended for the average survivor

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  1. Grenades would be useful if you need to get out of their fast, crippling zombies can also help for a quick clean up. Always be wary though, sometimes what may seem dead, is really undead.