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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cars during the Apocalypse

During a zombie Apocalypse a lot of travel is required, whether it is by foot or by bike or car, moving around is required. so what type of transportation should you use? well first the location is a big factor in deciding if your gonna be able to use some types of vehicles or not. other factors include sound or level of difficulty to repair.

The rules on deciding to use a car.-
you should only use a car if the roads aren't blocked, when i say blocked i mean by other vehicles. if the roads are polluted with piled up or abandoned cars than i advise not using one, because cars make sound and should attract the attention of random zombies and if your blocked by a crowded street with a horde behind you than your screwed. So when should you use a car? you should only use a car when the roads that you know and are going to use often are car free and with little to nothing to stop you.

extra on cars- abandoned cars are a double edged sword, the bad about having a group of abandoned cars is that you won't be able to use your own car and that travel will be a bit more difficult because larger groups of zombies would be there due to the fact that many of the drivers would've turned into zombies. the good thing about abandoned cars is the fact that they will most likely have gas if they are found in a group. the reason for this is because, if the cars were found blocking a intersection than chances are the driver left the car to run and that gas should still be in the tank. just learn how to siphon the gas out of the tank. in any type of apocalyptic situation gas is a must and is a good trading item.

The best form of transportation-
 The bicycle is the best form of transportation during a zombie apocalypse because it's quiet, uses man power, easy to maintain. if you don't have a bike than i would say the second best way of moving around quick is with roller blades. roller blades may seem like a wired way of getting around but it's fast, easy to learn, very easy to repair and maintain and it'd keep you in shape. also roller blades unlike bikes are easy to carry around. meaning your still able to climb ladders or things and still have a way to quickly escape.

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